What is a Home Inspection?

Home Inspections are a non-invasive, visual examination of a property designed to identify material defects and ensure that systems and components are fit for purpose.

While home inspections are relatively new to the South African market, they have a proven track record in markets like America and Canada, where approximately 90% of all home sales include an inspectors report. With the implementation of the new PPA in February 2022 in South Africa, home inspections are expected to grow in popularity because of the additional protection they offer to sellers, buyers and property practitioners.

All our inspections are done by SAHITA* certified home inspectors in accordance with South African Building Standards and offer an unbiased and factual report of the material faults visible at the time of inspection.

*All our inspectors are trained and certified by the South African Home Inspection Training Academy (SAHITA – and registered with The National Association of Building Inspectors of South Africa (NABISA -

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How do Home
Inspections work?

Property inspections take place on-site and last approximately 4-hours. Once completed, a detailed report will be compiled and sent to the client within 48-hours of the inspection. Once the client has received the report, they are welcome to follow-up with the property inspector in regards to any questions that may have arisen.

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What do we check during a Comprehensive Inspection?

Electrical/Gas Water Heater | Air Conditioner | Fireplace | Stove and Gas Hob | Above Ground Plumbing (Limited to Function) | Visible Electrical Components (Limited to Function) | Cabinets | Flooring and Levelness | Doors and Windows | Glazing and Safety-Glass | Sanitary Ware | Driveway and Pedestrian Gates | Paving | Electric Fencing | Garage Doors | Fire Door in Garage | Roof | Soffit and Eaves | Ceilings | Walls | Damp and Waterproofing | Stormwater and Grounds Drainage | Swimming Pool Safety Gates, Pump and Filter | Retaining Walls | Movement Joints and Weep Vents | Staircases, Balustrades and Handrails | Ramps | Ventilation | Water Storage Tanks and Pumps | On-site Wastewater Systems | Irrigation and Sprinklers (Limited to Function) | Building Tolerances | Exterior Wood Structures (Wendy House, Garden Bench, Fence, etc.)

What are the benefits of a
Home Inspection?

While property practitioners and sellers do their best to disclose defects to potential buyers, the added knowledge that an independent professional has checked and reported on the condition of the property gives buyers extra peace of mind.

By giving potential buyers and property practitioners (who may not be present at the time of sale) an inspection report, you are empowering them to gain an in-depth understanding of the property which will give them greater confidence when making an offer to purchase.

Our comprehensive reports are designed to offer sellers and buyers a thorough and interactive overview of the state of the property, including inspector observations, pictures, videos and comments.


Contact us for a quote - our pricing is calculated based on location, property size and special requests.


  • A detailed 4-hour inspection covering all components of the property, focusing on the function and state of the roof, ceiling, walls, floors, foundations, yard, and more. We use thermal imaging to pinpoint damp in walls, floors or ceilings and identify areas in need of insulation. All defects are compiled in a detailed report with supporting images. Perfect for pre-listing and pre-sale.

  • Starting from R3,500.00


  • A targeted inspection focusing on specific areas of the property or specific issues like damp in walls, wall structures, testing of appliances, roof coverings or stormwater drainage in the yard. All defects are compiled in a detailed report with supporting images. Perfect for dispute resolution or independent reporting.

  • Starting from R1,750.00


  • A snag inspection focusing on workmanship, systems and components in need of improvement during or after the completion of building work and renovations. All defects are compiled in a detailed report with supporting images. Perfect for new builds and renovations.

  • Starting from R2,000.00


  • An annual or once-off inspection focusing on components that require maintenance or preventative maintenance to reduce large repairs and expenses down the road. All defects are compiled in a detailed report with supporting images. Perfect for home owners that want to keep their property in best shape.

  • Starting from R2,000.00

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We offer inspections in:

Paarl; Wellington; Malmesbury; Riebeeck; Franschhoek; Stellenbosch; Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

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